Horta hunter’s handbook

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Well-being and Delicacies from Edible Wild Plants

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A guide into the delicious world of the superfoods in our backyards

Foraging, preparing and cooking edible wild plants, or horta, is a lifestyle, from which everyone can pick and choose the most suitable aspects for themselves. From early spring until late in the autumn, nature supplies us with horta, which promotes wellbeing and boosts energy. It pays off to pick wild greens: they are a free, ecological form of local food, which even in small portions increase the health benefits and flavour of food fantastically.

The book reveals the secrets of horta hunting, or wild green foraging, and gives tips on how to recognise, pick and preserve wild plants. It also includes recipes and inspiration for enriching everyday meals, whether you are an ordinary omnivore, vegetarian, low-carber or rawie.

Raija and Jouko Kivimetsä

The authors of the book, are pioneers in horta hunting. Raija is an author of non-fiction books and a health and wellbeing journalist, whose inspiration for wild greens has its roots in her healer grandfather’s legacy. Jouko’s horta hunting knowledge goes back to the old local women and mountain villages of Crete. For over a decade, the Kivimetsäs have been running the popular hortoilu.fi website where they share their knowledge and recipes from the inspiring world of wild greens. Raija’s first book on edible wild plants Villiinny Villivihanneksiin was published in 2005. It has become a cult book, and this guide book continues on the same path as a pioneer of one of the most important food trends of the 2010s.


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